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Moraira - climate and weather forcast


Sun, sun, sun for more than three hundred days per year!

In this villa, created for true outdoor living you can really gain optimum enjoyment from the fantastic climate in Moraire - sitting at the bar on the square, laying on your sun bed at the edge of a large swimming pool whilst the little ones can΄t keep away from the toddler pool and sandpit. If you΄ve reached a point where you΄ve had too much sun you can go to the outdoor living space which is protected against the never ending sun of the Costa Blanca, the most beautiful coastal area of the much celebrated sunny Spain.

Favourably situated in Spain΄s best climate..
The luxury holiday villa is situated on an easterly slope. Villa Xenofilia VII, and the accompanying living and recreational square are perfectly sheltered from the cold land winds in the winter, whilst the sun has undisturbed access. The result is that in the winter you will get optimal benefit from the spring like temperatures of on average 17 degrees, definitely a reason to spend the winter here! (And do so for special winter tariffs, click here..)
In contrast the fresh summer breeze has a moderating effect on the hot Spanish summer so that temperatures rarely rise above 35 degrees. As a result you get the most out of best climate in Spain!


Average day temperatures :

- spring
- summer
- autumn
- winter
23 C
32 C
24 C
17 C

Weather in Moraira
There are various weather forecasters for Moraira and the region of the Costa Blanca

English :
- Holiday-weather
- Weather2
- Zoover

Spanish :
- El tiempo  
- Canal Meteo
 Valencian :






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